Artificial Christmas Trees

Sunndal Frosted Fir

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Size: 210cm – 7ft, 240cm – 8ft

Although artificial, the Sunndal Fir is specifically designed to look like it has been freshly picked from the depths of a Norwegian forest and into your home for the festive season. This beautiful tree features a high number of branch tips which have a natural bounce to enhance the accuracy to a real tree. Placed in a perfectly layered structure, each branch is attached to a drop hinge so that the tree simply falls into place upon opening. Remember to spend time carefully fluffing out each branch to ensure the tree is as full as possible before you place your decorations. With a simple 3 part structure, the Everlands Sunndal ensures a quick and easy set up so you can spend less time prepping your tree and more time enjoying it. The dark green stand which comes with the tree is perfectly secure with a twist key fastening and small rubber stoppers to ensure your tree stands straight.

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